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This journal is a public blog for all my family and friends while I'm studying abroad in Denmark and traveling around Europe.
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i've finally put together my Iceland trip picspam! you can thank Jonsi for putting me in the mood lmao. and i decided to make just one post so beware the ~50 photos below;;

to that mysterious island in the atlantic ocean )
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first off, there's no "moving" pics because it was all so hectic that i completely forgot to take pics until everything was already moved in. so you guys get the after pics sorry;;; & now my new place~

new home picspam commence sequence )
last night i watched the ballet Giselle with Elise and her friend Brent and it was so fun, ballet dancers geeking out over ballet. Brent is like the 5th guy i've ever known to do ballet so i was really impressed.
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yes that title is their band name, well its two guys to be exact: dan le sac and Scroobius Pip. they are the greatest hip hop rappers on the face of the planet and i pity the fools who don't know them. they amazingly came to Aarhus last night and it was the best concert i've ever been to.

for one, it helped that i've been a fan since the middle of high school so i had at least 3-4 years of fanning to fuel my excitement, which has never happened before. always been a recent fan before i go to concerts so this literally made my life.


tonight we ain't seeking applause // tonight well gee just wanna have some good new fashioned fun ya'll )
basically afterwards, Kaylyn and i were frothing at the mouth and making incoherent noises because we were in such love.

i'd really love it if you guys gave them a chance too! Thou Shalt Always Kill is classic and the first song i heard by them. The Beat That My Heart Skipped is so catchy and makes me dance. and Letter From God is so powerful and epic. these guys are severely underrated so check them out!
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Berlin picspam time~
fyi it's a small post. i hardly took any pics on this trip. we were too busy having fun and exploring the city. and it's hard to take pics of... well everything ya know? just streets and cafes and stores and such. but this is what i have so yeah.

what we had wasn't what we'd come to expect )
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 picspam post from the Lady Gaga concert.

we got to the stadium 2-3 hours before the concert started and there was maybe 100 people in front of us. WE STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND. queuing must be an American thing? we were on the right side where the main stage met the catwalk and were in the second row of people. so we were like 10 feet away from her and she really favored our side of the stage *A*
he tore my clothes right off; he ate my heart then he ate my brain )

all in all, epic concert was epic. we had been standing for at least 6 consecutive hours and our entire bodies hurt and Kaylyn was pretty sick but it was FUCKING WORTH IT ALL. so much that we're planning on seeing her again in the fall when she comes to San Francisco!
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Tuscany picspam time!

something to know: this part of the trip was completely spontaneous. we rented a car in a town called Chuisi outside of Rome and drove up to Florence. we did this for about 5 days and it was awesome. we relied on a tourist book for recommended agriturismo farms to stay in but otherwise we made up everything as we went.

the hills of Tuscany are technicolor in spring )
Tuscany was really beyond amazing. i would love to return someday in the near future, to work or vacation i don't know or care. all i know is that it is a place out of this world. there were literally too many times that i would look around me and think "this cannot be real. this is what heaven would look like."
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sorry i haven't posted on here in ages. not much has happened since the last post.... oh! except lol, i went across Italy and Paris with my family! onward to my picspam report from Rome! i took over 700 pics on the trip but barely any in Siena, Florence, or Venice since i was already there. which, i'll make a report for eventually...

capital of the most badass empire ever )

next report post: Tuscany!
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 i realized i had never finished my Croatia trip picspam and never talked about Dubrovnik.

everybody always talks about Dubrovnik when they speak of Croatia and for good reason. i nearly didn't make it down there for my trip as it's at the bottom of the country and the ferry system was against me. but i managed even if it was for only 2 days. my mom had told me about the place a lot from when she went there back in the 70s and i'm really glad i went.

the scars of war are still visible )
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American History: the lecture won't be so bad but the seminar is at 8 AM on fridays which is gonna be hell. it's the same teacher as my British history class, the Canadian guy, and he knows i'm American. he singled me out twice within the first five mins alone LMAO. everybody kind of gasped when i said i was from San Francisco ;A; should be ..................... interesting. i'm only taking this class (again) because i'm interested to see how it's taught in another country and because i wanted to take all history courses and this was the last one.

Modern Cultural History: doesn't start until the end of the month lol so ok. but Megan (from SFSU) & Kelly are in it with me so i won't be alone yay! but no really i keep reading the course description and i have no idea what the class is about 8|

Nations & Nationalism: half the class is made up of exchange students which is weird. i know most of them too so that's nice. Megan, Asami, Sara, Kelly and a couple others. it's a 3 hour lecture right after my American history 8 AM seminar so FML. the teacher's english isn't so great and i kind of daydreamed through class but ehh. the first class was spent droning about the differences between a nation and a state which christ, i've learned so many times it's not funny anymore. OH & there's a history gang in the class lmao hard to explain but pretty amusing

light load this semester because i couldn't handle 4 last semester. and i need the time to write my essay from my Hollywood+American Politics class last semester. actually last semester in general left me a huge mess that i have to deal with ugggghhh
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so Scotland! my English friend, Amy, went with me which was funny since, well, she's English lol. we flew into Edinburgh and found our hostel easily enough. it was a really awesome place, Budget Backpackers, and i highly recommend it. it was really huge but didn't look like it and was like a maze with insanely bright colored walls. really fun experience :'D


image heavy of scottish things )

all in all, really enjoyed Edinburgh. we didn't do much anything epic but we mainly traveled to get away from Aarhus before we lost our minds and school started again. it was way warmer in Scotland too, i wore a t-shirt one night! we we got back to freezing ass Denmark, i turned to Amy & said "fuck this, let's go back to Scotland." also! the English lmao, was so nice. even if Scottish is insane and hard to understand a lot of the time. it was nice being able to make small talk ;_;
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since the first semester of Aarhus study abroad is pretty much over with everybody gone, i figured i'd do a little picspam post. there's a lot i haven't posted before and a few reposts but whatevs. i think it sums up my time here nicely more or less

the golden semester we will never forget )
i really want to make spring semester just as much fun but better. a bit worried since it'll be close to impossible to make friends with the newcomers but i'm not giving up already. /o/
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it's 20-fucking-10 over here in Danmark. the Danes have been going crazy all day, literally started fireworks once the sun set at 4 lmao. & the last few hours have been crazy. they are currently batshit right now. & the kicker is that my room is right next to the courtyard so there's a giant party full of drunk Danes lighting fireworks a few feet from my door. /do not want actually

Photobucket  Photobucket
the dates and times are what you should be looking at lol

BUT! NEW YEAR! 2010! it's lovely really. really, truly. this is a stupid post i know. i'm alone and watching Chuck to start the new year. so lame but whatevs that's how i roll??!?!?! starting new year with Sherlock Holmes porn & not porn, Chuck, Mika music, and drunk Danes screaming and singing outside my door lololol
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let me start this by saying that this was one of my best christmases. not even joking. it was so much fun and so heart-warming. i could not have asked for a better way to spend a holiday while away from home.

cut to pictures and a lovely tale~ )

the family was beyond welcoming. they treated us like family and i've never been more thankful in my entire life. they were some of the nicest people i've ever met and there was no drama, no fighting, no nothing except love, love and more love. i can see that they're the happiest people on the planet haha. i will always remember this christmas for the rest of my life♥
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like i said, it snowed!! so i'm posting some pics i took during my 4 AM run-about & then my romp around the school's campus with Lauren later in the day. there's also a video i took while running around like a loon in the wee hours of the morning. why was i running around outside at 4 AM? umm well i've recently become nocturnal and nobody else was out at that time so i could let my crazy out 8)

let it snow let it snow )
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my life has been a black hole of finals. globalization exam later this week which will be a 3-5 hour exam in which i'll write 2 short essays on topics i will be given there. my 5 page British/Irish history essay paper on the special relationship between the US & UK is finished, thank god. now i'm working on my 15 page ancient civilizations essay on gay Greeks, not even joking. i'm also working on my 15 page Hollywood+American politics essay on WW2 propaganda but kind of trying to see if i can drop the paper/class. i don't really have the time or stress levels to deal with it.

for christmas, i've been invited by Kaylyn to spend with a Danish friend of hers. the friend lives somewhere in Denmark, not sure yet, but we're invited to their family home  for christmas eve and will spend the night. 13+ family member christmas part/dinner and that sounds great. then for new years, Kaylyn and i are thinking of going to either London or Berlin. not sure yet but we'll see how that goes.

essay time

Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:02 pm
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classes are over and its exam month and writing-essays-that-are-due-in-january month. i'm nearly done with my British history essay on the "special relationship" between the US&UK which was basically just about Churchill and Roosevelt being BFFs. but i needed to actually go to the retarded library for my other essays.


i ran into a girl i know and she laughed at me trying to carry this mountain. on ancient world sex. gay sex to be specific. i'm excited. sadly most of these books ended up being useless to me after i actually looked at them; that or dull and therefore useless. the Roman Sex one is my absolute fave so far haha. i'm thinking my thesis might be something about the irony of how our current society worships ancient Greece for democracy and a bunch of other stuff but we still have this stigma towards homosexuals, which the Greeks loved. idk its kinda amusing but at the same time, not at all.

the top three books are by Hunter S Thompson b/c i decided to write my hollywood+american politics essay on him. his Gonzo journalism style kicks too much ass to not deserve a 15 page masters essay. or maybe i'm just looking for an excuse to read his books/articles and rewatch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas....
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it took me a while to realize i haven't posted pics of my apartment yet. lmao way to fail. so here's a picspam of my place and some random around-town shots. i definitely need to take more pics of town in the future...


cut to my lovely private flat )
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so as some of you might already know, i spent my Thanksgiving dinner at Ikea. yes, Ikea. the place you buy stylish cheap furniture. they also have a cafeteria with a Thanksgiving special dinner tonight so me, Amy, Loes, and my fellow Americanos, Lauren and Kaylyn headed over to get our eat on.

afterwards we bought stylish candles lol )

my mom mailed me a package full of stuff including twinkies b/c i told her to after Zombieland. we ate them after dinner which was PRICELESS b/c the europeans don't know what twinkies are and watching them eat twinkies was a great experience B)
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a pic of me enjoying the light snowfall that you sadly can't see in the pic. it hasn't snowed lately though which is good haha

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